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Upcoming Events

Online Individual Competition Aug 7th-Aug 25th

Mo Bro Royale and Girls Gone Rx have partnered with Colorado based Rep Fitness.

“Every week we will release two workouts for the athletes, one strength focused and one conditioning workout to follow. The workouts will be released on Wednesday evening and must be completed by Sunday night,” said Lindsey Marcelli of Girls Gone Rx.

The Basics:
  • 3 Weeks Long 2 workouts every week
  • This co-ed individual event has a Rx & Scaled Division.
  • Must video your workouts and videos will be requested from top scores from each workout.
  • The workouts MUST be done in a HOME GYM! (It doesn’t need to be your home gym so find a friend or join a local meetup community and get started! Just remember to record your workouts!

If you’re still undecided, the next item might convince you.


The more that register, the more we pay!” said Marcelli. “The Prize Pot will be divided out between the top 1st place athletes for both male and female and for both divisions”.

Check out the equipment list and potential prizes below then go to competition corner to sign up or get more information.

Home Gym Equipment Deals

Back to School Savings from eliteFTShome gym deals from eliteFTS

eliteFTS has announced another sale. This time, savings grow as customers spend more on their site. Check out the image on the right for a breakdown of the savings from $10 off of a $100 order to $65 off of a $500 order.

eliteFTS added that each sale comes with a Shaker cup and free shipping on a qualifying $150 order.

To learn more or to shop the sale, click here.


The Trap Bar from Kabuki Strength is Back in StockImage featuring the Kabuki Trap Bar specifications for home gym deals

The Trap Bar appears to be extremely popular which is to be expected as it’s built by a company with deep roots in the home gym as well as years of engineering and high level strength sports experience.

  • Built-In Bar Jack to allow easy loading/unloading of plates
  • Swappable Grips with 1″ and 1.5″ (included), and 2″ Love Handles (optional)
  • Balanced Design for both high and low handles.
  • Open Design to allow for a variety of unilateral and carrying movements
  • Machined, full-length sleeves with signature end cap

Shop here for the Trap Bar.

home gym deals from strength shop usa7mm Neoprene Inferno Knee Sleeves – IPF Approved back in Stock at Strength Shop!

Neoprene knee sleeves with the Strength Shop logo, ideal for Powerlifting, as well as Strongman & Weightlifting, to give support and warmth to the knee during training/lifting are back in stock.

Sleeves retail for $49.95 for a pair and available sizes include:

  • XS 28 – 31cm
  • S 31 – 33cm
  • M 33 – 36cm
  • L 36 – 38cm
  • XL 38 – 41cm
  • XXL 41 – 43cm
  • 3XL 43 – 46cm

home gym deals for July 16 from Rep FitnessUpdated Sandbags Announced by RepFitness Equipment

Colorado based, Rep Fitness has announced an update to their training sandbags. This is the new “V2 design with stronger, reinforced, hand stitched handles, and waterproof fabric”.  Sandbag training is a great way to build strength that transfers to real world activities from carrying and unloading groceries to work you might do on a construction job site.

Click here to shop now.

Caveman Foods

The maker of Paleo Certified (contain Paleo Diet ingredients, but use some 21st century processing methods) and Paleo-Friendlhome gym deals from Caveman Foodsy Certified (contain Paleo ingredients, allow for ingredients in the grey area such as dark chocolate) snacks has several deals that might interest you this week.

Use the promo code MINISNACK to get the buy one, get one deal for the Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Nutrition Bar Minis.  Not enough for you? Here’s deal number two!

Caveman Foods says, “We extended our clearance sale on Sweet and Smoky Chicken Bites – buy one, get one by using code: EATMEAT“.

You can shop all of these deals plus get free shipping on orders over $35 by visiting cavemanfoods.com.