TRX PRO4 SYSTEM + FREE Premium App Access

‌TRX just announced the TRX PRO4 SYSTEM which comes with free premium app access. According to TRX website, “Every purchase includes a free subscription to the TRX app, featuring truly personalized workout plans based on data and training videos with real-time verbal feedback from premier trainers”.

This is part of TRX’s ongoing campaign to get everyone moving. “”At TRX, our company mantra and DNA resides in the basic principles of movement and empowering consumers to get out and move their bodies. As long as we have a heartbeat, we will continue to move with passion, determination, and the will to live,” said TRX Founder & CEO, Randy Hetrick. “No matter shape, size, age, or fitness goal, TRX will help you pursue your passions to the fullest. The #MADE2MOVE campaign flies in the face of everything consumers know about the industry and shifts the paradigm of focusing on aesthetic results to the power of efficient and effective functional movement, across the widest range of body types.”

The TRX app is available in the App Store and on Google Play at a normal cost of $39.99 with a free 14 day trial membership. Head to to shop for the TRX PRO4 SYSTEM now and get the entire year for free!

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