PRX performance Free Recovery Bundle

PRx Performance is currently offering a free recovery bundle when you buy ANY rack. This is part of their tax day baller sale which is currently running from April 15 through April 30.

What’s in the PRx Free Recovery Bundle?

The PRx free recovery bundle consists of 18” foam roller, deep tissue massage ball, 7 feet of compression bands and a set of resistance bands and has a retail value of $39.99.  

The innovators of the folding, wall mounted power rack, PRx is one of a growing number of companies that specifically targets home gym owners.

While mobility hasn’t traditionally been in their wheelhouse, that’s not to say the company which was founded by two Crossfitters, isn’t interested in products in that space. According to PRx Performance, “Not only do we…allow you to lift BIG in small spaces, but we also want to help take care of your body AFTER the workout.” Although mobility has gained more prominence in recent years, too many home gym owners skip it.

According to PRx, “Use the mini bands to do a little light stretching and warm up, the compression band can be used to retrain your movements during exercise, and the foam roller and deep tissue massage ball are ah-mazing tools to help you work out the kinks after a grueling heavy strength session”.

Designed with small spaces in mind, PRx Squat racks come in an array of customizable designs able to fit a wide range of budgets, colors and spaces even offering a Murphy Squat Rack (currently on sale for $434).

If you like their products, you’ll definitely want to sign up for their free email newsletter once you get to their site, because even if you don’t buy anything this time, the company is always innovating new products to fit any budget and home gym set up.


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