New Valor Fitness BD-57 Pull Up Rack

Check out the new Valor Fitness BD-57 Pull Up Rack if you’re looking for a freestanding option for pullups/squats.

Valor Fitness BD-57 Pull Up Rack Specs

According to the Valor Fitness Instagram feed, the new rack features:

HEAVY DUTY- Constructed from 11-gauge steel for strength and durability throughout the frame with floor mount base support for added stability. Can be bolted into the floor for even further stability, if required.
• VERSATILE- Includes a pull-up station at the top of the rack and 2 J-hooks allowing for both squats and bench press.
• ADJUSTABLE- 18 variable positions to adjust J-hooks to preferred height of the user. Numbering system to easily identify variable positions. Pull Up station is also adjustable.
• ADDITIONAL- Meant for home gyms or light-commercial setting. Product weight is 189 lb. with a max weight load of 1,000 lb. Warranty, 5-year.
• STORAGE PEGS- Allows for an organized home gym with 2 plate storage pegs. Adding plates to the storage pegs adds further stability to the BD-57, if required.
To check out the rack for yourself, visit 
The price listed on the Valor Fitness site is $597.98 but according to Instagram the walk in price is $425 we’re awaiting clarification from Valor Fitness but in the meantime, you may want to speak to customer service before placing your order.

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