LoneStar 20kg Barbell and Longhorn Bar from FringeSport

FringeSport, has added two new barbell options, the Longhorn Buffalo Bar and the Lone Star 20kg Power Bar, to it’s product lineup. According to FringeSport’s website, “We took the best features of Texas powerlifting bars of yore then enhanced them with better materials, hardware, and design for a new era of strength freaks”. We knew that a bar release was coming but details weren’t available until now.

FringeSport CEO, Peter Keller granted Garage Gym Life Media a ten minute interview during which he broke down the details of each new barbell.

The Lone Star Power Bar 20 kg powerlifting barbell

According to FringeSport, “More than anything, we wanted to dial it in with our Lonestar Power Barbell for old school lifters who just want to grip it ‘n’ rip it with a proudly, American-made bar”. 

What’s It For?

This bar unlike the CeraColt Barbell that was released on March 26 is not a general purpose bar. “It’s strictly designed for powerlifters and all your squatting, benching and deadlifting needs,” says FringeSport spokesperson Adam Miezo. According to Keller, what differentiates this bar from FringeSport’s other 20kg power bar is the “cheese grater, aggressive knurling”.  Keller said, “That’s how I describe it to people, do you want a barbell that digs into your hands so it’s almost painful? If you’re a hardcore powerlifter  who says, ‘That’s exactly what I want,’ then this is the bar for you,”. 

Wait, That’s Not All!

Also available today is the Longhorn Buffalo style bar.

“For people looking to ease up on shoulder torque on squats or wanting to get deeper on benching, this bar will be their new love,” says Miezo.

According to Keller, “The Longhorn bar is just a very well executed version of essentially a Buffalo Bar. This is a classic style design for powerlifting that’s been updated with a lot of modern touches”.

Home gym owners interested in adding a Longhorn Bar to their collection can check out FringeSport manager, Jason Inoue taking one for a test drive in his garage gym. 

Both bars are live on the FringeSport website and for those wanting to create a custom barbell package a phone call or visit to the FringeSport facility is the way to go. Keller says, “If you want to make a custom package that’s super easy. Our staff; all of these people are either genuinely strength coaches and/or are very accomplished lifters as well. So if you have questions about a barbell . . . that is our bread and butter. We want barbells in hands and if we get you the right barbell, you’re more likely to lift on it.”

Both the Longhorn and Lone Star 20kg Power bars are available at https://www.fringesport.com.

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