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Tell me about Kingdom of Iron. How many partners do you have in the venture and what are the skill sets that they bring to the table?

Kingdom of Iron is a stand-apart company that inspires people to build their own kingdom and ignite their passion for health. The fitness industry has taken a superficial turn and it’s our responsibility to bring it back to what matters, inner strength. Health will never take a beat seat with us because our practices are deliberately designed to instill confidence and success in all our clients.

Our unique skill set ranges from traditional anatomy, physiology and nutrition knowledge to having unwavering positivity, out of this world energy levels and just being plain fun to be around. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too! Health is our life and our enthusiasm is contagious.

You guys first dreamed of having your own gym in 10th grade.  Now you’re making that dream a reality. I know that you said that you’re doing this because you don’t want to get old and regret that you never made your dream a reality. How did you have the courage to turn dreams into reality?

The reason we got into the fitness industry is because of our intense desire to make a difference in people’s lives and to start a new conversation about health. Being employed by someone other than ourselves greatly hindered the level at which we could reach people.

So many people out there are in need of guidance and motivation and we want to be that source of courage for them, but to do that we needed to find our own courage first. As daunting as the decision to follow our dreams was, in our eyes, there really was no other option. We put our blood, sweat and tears into what we do in hopes that it will motivate others to do the same.

Have any of you owned a business or worked in a gym before?

Kingdom of Iron is our first venture into the business world. As a whole, we have considerable experience in the fitness industry varying from personal and group training to exercise equipment installation and fabrication. We also have a combination of certifications and diplomas and we don’t plan on stopping there!

using a chop saw to create weight equipment for Kingdom IronWhat are your backgrounds? You guys are making the equipment for your gym; is this just to save money or do you all plan to continue to do that as an additional service for the public?

We are building Kingdom of Iron from the ground up and that takes a lot of time and money. Right now we are trying to save money and making our own equipment contributes greatly to that. Fabricating and welding are a passion of ours as well and one day we would like to have our own equipment brand but right now we are still testing out prototypes and refining our skills. Selling our made equipment is not a priority for our business at this point in time.

Social Networking

What inspired you guys to do a video series about the process of building a business from the ground up?

It seems that today’s society conforms to this one formula to reach happiness: University + Job + Marriage + Kids + Retirement = Happiness. There’s nothing wrong with that formula but because it is the only formula talked about people are unaware that there are so many more equations to happiness. Our “Road to the Kingdom” series is just that, another equation. By showcasing our triumphs, our stand stills and our failures, it really allows people to view our authenticity and believe that opening their own business is a reality.

I think it was huge that you guys took the time to do a business plan episode!  That episode is the most popular one in the series so far. Why do you think it’s struck a chord among your subscribers?

Creating a business plan is the most helpful and essential part of starting a business, it is your businesses blueprint. It helps to organize your thoughts, clarify your ideas and really makes the whole process seem a little more achievable, that’s why we think it did so well. Seeing the whole process from the very beginning really shows the viewers that it’s not as intimidating as it seems if you break it down into steps.

I love your authenticity by the way, you guys show bloopers like the bank trip on a Saturday and when the bench press uprights didn’t go back like they were supposed to. That’s awesome because it allows your customers to learn that they can trust you to be transparent.  Whose idea was that?

We always wanted to show bloopers even before we started filming, it was just an idea we were all set on. It really does add an aspect of genuineness to our channel and business. We don’t only work hard but we have fun in the process and like to put a smile on people’s faces.

Once Kingdom of Iron is open do you plan to continue to offer behind the scenes, how the sausages are made videos for people as a learning tool?

We absolutely plan on continuing behind the scene videos as well as new series and funny videos when we have the facility. We love to educate and inspire but also to look back on our journey! We would like become more of an entertainment channel in the near future.

Social media marketing has so many pitfalls. So many people think they just need to get on Instagram, Facebook and just by virtue of them being on there, customers will flock to them.  Then you’ve got the brands that go the spammy route of just throwing their brand information onto other people’s posts with language like check out @joesannoyingwidgets or whatever.  You guys seem to have a strategy that involves building a following before your business really exists so you’re really building buzz for your business in a way that’s not annoying. Did you guys hire a social media strategist for Kingdom of Iron or did you all just come up with this strategy among yourselves?

We decided to take the role of researching into our own hands. This way we could take the time to do it right because, just like you said, we don’t want to be that “annoying” brand that hassles consumers and has no substance. We also take every chance we can to learn new things and skills. Our amazing videographer from Truespective Videos helps us out a lot with our videos as well!

What were some unexpected pitfalls that you ran into on your journey to open your business?

We’ve been very lucky up to this point and haven’t run into any huge road blocks yet. We have a different approach to dealing with failure; we welcome it because it makes room for opportunity and growth.

shopping around for equipment deals for a gymWhere have been the best places you’ve found to get inexpensive equipment?

We’ve checked out quite a few used equipment places and the one thing that always determines the price is quality of relationship. We make sure to nurture our relationships with these companies and if they treat us well we become repeat customers and if we treat them well we get the best deals.

Give me your top five fitness related books. I’m a fan of Zach Even Esh, Ross Enamait, James Fuller, Dan John, Steve Goggins, Stuart McRobert, Mark Bell and the original guys from Barbell Shrugged, among others. Who do you follow as far as other strength coaches and why?

  • The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine This book is amazing! It talks about how powerful nature’s healing abilities are and how nutrition plays a huge role in fitness.
  • The Frozen Shoulder. This book really has helped us to deal with our imbalances and mobility issues. It has taught us a lot about movement patterns and injuries.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Although this isn’t fitness related it is one of the best books we have EVER read. It has helped us tremendously with how we interact with clients and run our business.
  • Ignite The Fire This book really helped us out as new trainer’s because it gave insight into experiences of expert trainers and helped us to plan for the future.
  • Driven by Robert Herjavec. Again, it’s not fitness related but it gave us some much insight into the business world and gave us great ideas to implement at our facility.

We don’t follow any specific strength coaches. We keep our minds open because no one person knows absolutely everything.

Have you started looking at things like insurance, whether or not to hire staff at Kingdom of Iron, etc?

We’ve incorporated all of our expenses into our business plan and also allotted for unexpected costs. Of course, unexpected things will pop up but we are trying our best to be prepared. We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to go out into the field and interview some business owners and gym owners to learn about their experience and see things from their perspective. We are not planning on hiring staff in the near future, our current Kingdom of Iron team is more than capable of continuing and growing our success.

Have you guys explored certification for the types of customers you plan to attract?

Right now certifications are not a priority, continuing our education, yes, but not racking up certifications. We would like to go back to school in the future to become massage therapists and chiropractors so we can appeal to a larger audience and offer more services that a lot of people could use.

Who are your main business influences? Do you all have business mentors? I saw you guys talk to a couple of business owners in your videos, do you have dedicated mentors you touch base with to make sure that you all are staying on track with your goals?

We have so many influences and mentors we don’t know where to start! We have family members who have done very well in business, friends who have successfully opened businesses and one day we hope to be business influences of our own.

Let’s talk about the gym itself. Describe your fitness philosophy? What sort of will Kingdom of Iron be and what’s your target market?

Our philosophy is simple, build YOUR kingdom. Everyone has a unique set of needs and we take a holistic approach to helping them. We would like to open a facility where all walks of life are welcome and feel comfortable because our philosophy applies to every human being.

Have you identified a location yet? If not, what are you looking for as the physical home of Kingdom of Iron?

We are still looking around for a physical facility. The location is not determined yet because we are still doing our research on certain areas. We are looking for a high traffic area, where there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled and that is around 4000sqft.

So then can people sign up for memberships now or is that further down the road?

Within the next year we will have a physical facility and then we will be offering memberships to anyone! We are, however, taking online clients for personalized training programs and customized meal plans right now!

Besides your online clients do you all have clients who train in your garage gym now?

We do have clients in our garage gym and it has been increasing ever since our equipment inventory and social media following has grown. It gets pretty busy when the weather gets warmer!

So if you don’t have memberships but you do have clients training there, is Kingdom of Iron semi-private or invite only?

Our garage gym is available to the public on an appointment basis. All you have to do is shoot us an email and we can schedule a session.

How can people follow you and stay informed about the progress of the business?

Facebook: Kingdom Of Iron

Instagram: @kingdomofiron


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John Greaves III is a writer based in North Georgia with nearly two decades of experience in training at home. A former amateur kickboxing champion, John now competes recreationally in powerlifting. He takes a physical culture approach to training; believing that strength and health need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to his nonfiction work, John has written two fiction books, A Different Kind of Giant and A Little Lesson in Manners that are available on



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