Time Running Out on Kabuki Cosmetic Blemish Sale

Kabuki Strength has been running a cosmetic blemish sale since April 8 on their website and home gym owners who want to buy something at reduced prices had better act fast.

As of this posting, the Kabuki Strength website appears to already be sold out of several high demand items. Sold out items include:


Kabuki Cosmetic Blemish Sale Items still available as of April 10, 2019 include:

  • POWER BAR [BLEMISH] $ 509.99 (reg. $ 599.99)
  • SQUAT BAR [BLEMISH] $ 629.00 (reg. $ 799.00)

According to Kabuki Strength’s email newsletter, “If you’ve ever purchased a cosmetic blemish item from us (or talked to someone who has), you’ll know that our quality standards are extremely high, and that many times our blemish items are indistinguishable from their retail counterpart”.

The company stresses that all cosmetic blemish items will still function as well as their retail counterparts.  Kabuki explains that these items didn’t make the cut to be in the retail inventory because of visual defects. “They may have minor imperfections, a scratch or blemish, discoloration or other non-functional issues.”

Shop the cosmetic blemish sale at store.kabukistrength.net.

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