Is KING testosterone booster worth your money?

I’ve generally been underwhelmed with testosterone boosters in the past but KING from GCode Nutrition has my attention.  In the past, I’ve tried test boosters and finally concluded that it’s not that they don’t work, it’s that most of us (or at least me) aren’t in a situation where a 2-3% boost in available test is going to be noticeable.

What’s KING natural testosterone booster?

King natural testosterone booster is according to GCode Nutrition, “Eight natural ingredients in potent dosages designed to boost KING Testosterone boosterendogenous testosterone production, better utilize free testosterone and address critical vitamin and mineral deficiencies”. Those eight ingredients include:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Boron
  •  Bioperine (black pepper extract)

Why Most Test Boosters Haven’t Worked for Me

I live in that 80% range where I try to keep the calories I take in slightly under the calories I burn and I tend to consume mostly whole food, unprocessed foods that are cooked at home.  Based on my research, test boosters will be MOST noticeable if you’re at the point where you’ve already maximized your gains in other areas AND you’re deficient in the nutrients that cause your body to naturally produce testosterone.

Like if you’re not deficient in magnesium and you take a magnesium supplement, you won’t see an improvement because magnesium deficiency wasn’t the problem.

So why am I planning on giving KING a try next month? Well, because after watching the product reveal @gcodenutrition did on Instagram Live, I shot a text to GCode founder, Greg Santarsierso, to get some answers.

Like me, Greg burns the candle at both ends trying to build something lasting for his family. Like me, he’s lifetime drug free, but UNLIKE me, he’s got years in R&D in the supplement industry and access to brains who can help him formulate stuff that helps him close in the gaps.

After our conversation, I realized that I MIGHT be able to get results from KING because my nutrition isn’t 100% but also because I log a lot of late nights with limited sleep.  So we’re going to give it a try, especially since I’m not competing in any strength sports right now. Greg says that as far as he knows, KING doesn’t contain any WADA banned ingredients but it’s always best to double check BEFORE taking any supplement of ANY KIND! Too many lifters have popped positive inadvertently because they took something they thought was okay.  Do your due diligence.

In my case, I’m not competing so this is actually a good time to try it and see what it does.

Additional concerns

What will be the effect of this on my risk factors for heart disease or prostate cancer both of which have been linked to testosterone therapy? There’s no way to be sure but since this product should increase my natural testosterone production rather than just adding testosterone to my body; I feel good about trying it. Obviously, I’ll keep my doctor in the loop and take note of any adverse side effects, but I’d so the same thing if I started taking aspirin.

I’ll let you guys know how my experiment goes but if you’d like to learn more about the product profile you can see it here.





About the author

John Greaves III is a writer based in North Georgia with nearly two decades of experience in training at home. A former amateur kickboxing champion, John now competes recreationally in powerlifting. He takes a physical culture approach to training; believing that strength and health need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to his nonfiction work, John has written two fiction books, A Different Kind of Giant and A Little Lesson in Manners that are available on



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