Intuitive Eating Made Simple

Hey, how would you like to attend a free intuitive eating course taught by a Precision Nutrition certified coach and accomplished athlete who trains in a home gym? How would you like to be able to say, “No more diets for me!” and not only mean it but be able to do it WITHOUT sabotaging your fitness goals?  Well you’re in luck!

Heather Breen, a Precision Nutrition certified coach and social scientist, has made a career of helping people identify the environmental factors that stop them from gaining, losing or maintaining a healthy weight. And I sort of twisted her arm into doing a free video introductory course for you guys. You might know Heather as a regular contributor to our Mindset video series or if you’re in New Zealand, you may know her as part of last year’s national championship rowing team.

How Good Can a Free Intuitive Eating Course Be?

Pretty freaking good it turns out! This is a no fluff, twenty-seven minute lecture that covers:

  • The two MOST important components of a healthy diet
  • How to fight through cravings
  • How to avoid binge eating
  • Strategies for dealing with unsupportive relatives and friends
  • If I’m not dieting, how can I lose weight?

Best of all, this free video lecture gives you the tools to get on the road to finally saying, “No more diets!”

What Do You Mean No More Diets?

Heather is NOT  fan of many of the popular means of losing weight and she agreed to teach this free intuitive eating course because she wants to introduce more people to a sensible, more sustainable approach that fits right in with the home gym lifestyle! I’ve personally watched this video multiple times and I’ve picked up new nuggets every single time!

You don’t have to sign up for anything (or do anything really). But if after watching the video, you’d like to learn more, you can reach Heather at She and I have had multiple conversations and she’s been a big help as I’ve been carving the fat off of my own waistline so I actually LOOK like someone who runs a health and fitness business!




About the author

John Greaves III is a writer based in North Georgia with nearly two decades of experience in training at home. A former amateur kickboxing champion, John now competes recreationally in powerlifting. He takes a physical culture approach to training; believing that strength and health need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to his nonfiction work, John has written two fiction books, A Different Kind of Giant and A Little Lesson in Manners that are available on



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