“How To’s” of the Performing Strongman – Bursting Hot Water Bottles

Bursting a hot water bottle is a feat that has been performed by old time strongmen for decades. I have been performing this feat myself for nearly 10 years. I really like adding it to a performance because it is exciting to for the audience to watch, and really builds the tension in the room leading up to a grand explosion of rubber and hot air!to view this content. Log in to view the rest of this content.

About the author

I am a minister & performing strongman. I love to perform feats of strength, whether on the road, or at home! I am also a husband to a beautiful wife, & a daddy to my awesome son. I speak and perform at many venues, including schools, prison crusades, churches, youth ministries, and children’s ministries. Should you have any questions regarding this article, public speaking, or performing feats of strength, please do not hesitate to contact me through my website or by email.



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