GCode Nutrition Unveils FEAST MRP

New Jersey GCode Nutrition has added a meal replacement product to it’s supplement line up. The new product, FEAST is described as, “the most nutrient dense protein product on the planet,” according to the release on the company’s Instagram feed.

G Code Nutrition pioneered the use of soda inspired flavoring and multiple flavor options in a single container in it’s first product release, the pre-workout supplement VICE.

Their new product is described by G Code as, “The most nutrient dense protein product on the planet”, follows on the heels of their second product, the BCAA based “recovery elixir” RISE.

What’s In FEAST?

According to GCode, FEAST includes, “Whey Protein Isolate and Egg Whites. Oats and MCT Oil. A full serving of Greens from Spinach, Kale and Broccoli. Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. 5 grams of Fiber. And Zero Sugar… And it tastes exactly like Chocolate Milk”.

Ingredients in FEAST meal replacement from G Code Nutrition

When Can We Start to FEAST?

According to GCode Nutrition founder, Greg Santarsierso, customers can expect the new product to be available as soon as April 2019. Watch for a video interview with Santarsierso soon on the Garage Gym Life Media IGTV channel.


G Code has announced on their Insagram feed that FEAST will be available for purchase at 9 am EST on April 2. Visit the shop at GCodenutrition.com to purchase.

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