Food Is Not Your Enemy

Food is not your enemy

I was a pudgy kid in middle school, thinned out in high school and then began to get fat again after I got married and several injuries. As I tried over and over again to loose weight I began to see food as the enemy. There was always a list of foods that were now considered off limits. Off limits to me means they are the enemy and you can never, never ever collude with the enemy.

    •  Pizza- enemy
    • Cheeseburgers- enemy
    • Ice Cream- Evil
    • Cup cakes- Enemy
    • Ribs- Enemy
    • Soda- Evil
    • Candy bars- Evil
    • Milk Shakes, Barbecue, eggs, bacon, sausage, cake, etc. ALL EVIL ENEMIES!

The Problem

The problem, at least for me comes in this idea that I could never have any of those foods ever again and they are the enemy or vice versa.

You see, I guess I am like a toddler. If you tell a toddler “NO”, what do they do? Well, they look are you then look at what they were told no about and then do it or decide to do it after you are no longer looking. In a similar way when I was told that I could never have those foods again:

  • I indulged in all of them in a short period of time as a one last hurrah. Then feel guilty about it and never begin my new diet.
  • I would begin the new diet but constantly think about those things I could never have again.

I like to compare this to walking a straight line. In order to walk a straight line you pick an object in the distance focus on it and walk towards it. If you begin to look at another object you will not hit your destination. In this case my destination was always weight loss, but I began to look at all those foods I could never indulge in again. Since, I was so focused on those food I could not ever have again I eventually would fall to their temptation. Then, I would feel so guilty about losing to the enemy yet again, it may take me weeks to get back on my plan.

I had to stop seeing food as the enemy

 It was not until I stopped looking at food as the enemy that I had a break through in my journey. In reality life happens, there are birthday parties, holidays, weddings, etc. I began to look at those foods as part of the journey that I could indulge in periodically because they were/are part of the journey of life. I don’t view them as something I can eat everyday but I allow myself to have them up to two times a week or fifty-two times a year. When I gave my self this freedom I began to experience something I never imagined…I no longer craved them everyday, I really didn’t even crave them every week.
Truth be told the first year of my 195lb weight loss I only indulged in my free days ten times. I picked the times to indulge as it related to my goals. In this new mind set of no longer seeing food as the enemy I found a new freedom. I was no longer a slave to the desire for certain foods.

 My advice then

Stop viewing certain foods as evil, FOOD IS NOT YOUR ENEMY! Food is a tool for you to use to reach your physical goals. Set up some reasonable rules on how and when you will use those foods. Then, keep track of how you follow through with those rules through a food journal or a calendar so you hold yourself accountable to following those rules.
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