DIY Tornado Ball

DIY and garage gym life often go hand in hand. Either we make it to save money or we make it for the sheer joy of building something ourselves. Today we’re looking at a DIY tornado ball build submitted by @dr1967 himself, Dave Reid.

Why Do I Need A Tornado Ball?

First, a tornado ball is a great way to get in a solid core workout. You can use it to build rotational power or just build your core with a plyometric style workout.  Not a bad stress reliever either.  Tornado balls retail between $45-$120 online but you don’t need to break the bank if you don’t want to.  Try this DIY  approach and start slamming away for a fraction of the money.
Before you get started, you’ll need a slam ball which is a sand filled rubber ball that doesn’t bounce. You can get one on line or at a sporting goods store. They start at around $29.99 for a 10 lb ball like the one I’m using in the video above. You can also find stability balls filled with water but for this it’s best to use the sand filled one. On to the build.

Materials Needed

slam ballimage6

basketball net


zip ties

closeable chain link.

Making The Tornado Ball

Notes- Great for working your core. I made another one using a 10 lbs ball that bounces, it’s harder to control and doesn’t work you as dave reid @dr1967 uses unconventional tools to get in shapegood.

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About the author

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