Beef up your DVD Collection

Let’s Talk About Your DVD Collection

If you’re a serious lifter, DVDs are probably the last thing on your mind for a garage gym. You don’t go to the garage to watch television! Besides, we live in an age of apps. What do you need DVDs for?

Hold On, I’ll Tell You

So you read Buy What You Need, Not What’s On Sale and It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and you’ve put together your list of must haves for your brand new gym. If you don’t have a DVD player for the garage, you need to put it on that list. My player of choice is my old PS3 because I can also access my Amazon Video collection and my YouTube subscriptions.  This is good for treadmill work and because I sometimes like to use DVDs for stuff like ab work, mobility and conditioning.

 Add to your knowledge base or keep your motivation stoked

I watch DVDs on the treadmill as opposed to listening to music because I’m a fan of maximizing my time.
In the past six months, I’ve re-watched The Animal Cage, Mark Dugdale’s Driven and Beyond Driven, Kettlebells The Iron Core Way with Susan Lurie, Stan Efferding’s Rhino World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Flex Wheeler’s Flex at 50, Dorian Yates Blood & Guts, Strength Stretching With Pavel by the Pavel Tsatouline (I should get one pound of muscle added just for spelling that dude’s name correctly), Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Dan John’s Everything’s Over My Head to name a few. (I have also watched Planet Hulk and Batman Under The Red Hood. If you don’t understand why, I can’t help you.)

Anyway, that is a lot of information. Imagine the amount of time I’d have to take from my day if I watched it at any other time. By watching on the treadmill, I use what’s normally dead time to learn thereby saving time for the family.

Second bonus: making it multi-use

Our garage gym is a multi purpose facility. My wife uses it to exercise as well and one of my son’s watches wrestling instructional DVDs to hone his technique down there on our home wrestling mat. So a simple DVD player down here means that rather than a space that keeps everyone out, my garage gym is OUR garage gym and that means my wife is okay with me making purchases to improve it. Don’t think that last point is important? Then you’re not married or you soon won’t be.

About the author

John Greaves III is a writer based in North Georgia with nearly two decades of experience in training at home. A former amateur kickboxing champion, John now competes recreationally in powerlifting. He takes a physical culture approach to training; believing that strength and health need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to his nonfiction work, John has written two fiction books, A Different Kind of Giant and A Little Lesson in Manners that are available on



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