Animal Announces New Vanilla Flavor Animal Meal

Iconic supplement brand, Animal has announced the release of a new flavor of their whole food based meal replacement product, Animal Meal. In an email sent out to customers, Animalpak said, “Many consumers have resisted using meal replacement powders due to the lack of products with quality ingredients and positive results. There is also no point in using them if they don’t digest properly or if they upset your stomach. We decided to do something about that”.

What’s In Animal Meal?

According to a product brochure available at, “Animal Meal is convenience and quality at its finest. Your body knows best, but it won’t know the difference between this powder and a nutritious meal, now available in both chocolate and vanilla. Both the original chocolate and new vanilla flavors are based on a formula developed in partnership with Animal sponsored athlete, IFBB pro Evan Centanopani.

The macronutrients listed in the brochure include:

  • Protein – Beef Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate and Whole Egg Proteins
  • Carbohydrates – Oats, Pea Starch, Sweet Potato Powder and Dextrose
  • Fats – Olive Oil

What’s NOT In It?

Dairy sensitive consumers might notice that there is no Whey or Casein in the product and that was by design to make it easily digestible according to Animal.

Watch Centanopani break down the key ingredients in Animal Meal in this YouTube video and visit the store to buy.


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