Garage Gym Life submissions guidelines page imagePlease read the Submissions Guidelines BEFORE submitting your manuscript or video!

The mission of Garage Gym Life Media is to empower home gym owners. We create digital media that helps  home gym owners learn about exercise, read impartial reviews of home gym equipment and profiles of people who are successfully living the home gym lifestyle. Spare bedroom, living room, backyard, basement, garage, shed, barn, driveway— you name it we cover it. Put another way, we tell the stories that matter across the entire spectrum of the home gym experience. Our articles are informative, empowering and inspiring.

We ask that all of our contributors be personally committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle AT HOME. How you exercise isn’t as important as the fact that you do and that you do it PRIMARILY AT HOME. Authenticity is important to us and you can’t write credibly about something that you don’t have experience in yourself.

Typical content found in the Home Gym Quarterly includes:
  • Well-researched explainers of a health topic or issue.
  • Helpful tips from experts that inspire others to live healthier and/or more active lives.
  • Easy to prepare recipes, health benefits and food tips.
  • Human interest stories about athletes who train at home successfully.
  • Company profiles of businesses that market products to the home gym owner or the fitness consumer in general.
  • Industry news and analyses that empower readers to make informed decisions about products or competitions in their chosen sports activity.
  • All submissions must be in .doc or .docx form.
  • Don’t indent paragraphs.
  • Don’t send formatted documents. If you have formatting that you’d like included, simply indicate that parenthetically
  • Workout articles should include photos and if possible, video demonstrations of each movement unless it’s something you know your readers have seen before. ex. We don’t need to see a video of a standard bench press unless your video is about improving bench press technique.
  • Videos/photos must be included as attachments not as links or embedded in the original document
  • Don’t use bullet points or numbered lists. Write out the list and we’ll take care of making it a bulleted list
  • Do NOT use the serial or Oxford comma.
Word Count
  • 500-1,000 for news articles
  • 2,000 for training/review articles
  • 3,000 for a feature
  • 4,000 max for an interview

Submitting video

All media (thumbnail photo and video must be in landscape/horizontal orientation)

  • Include a thumbnail photo of your recipe or of yourself doing the movement if it’s a technique video.
  • Videos should be clear and include a monologue explaining what you’re doing whether that’s a recipe or exercise technique. Begin and end each monologue with your name and Instagram handle. End each monologue by asking viewers to check out the other videos from our contributors.
  • Include videos of you doing the movement or doing the steps in the recipe to use as B Roll
  • Videos should be sent as video files and may be uploaded to a free Dropbox account and shared with or uploaded to Google Drive and shared with
  • End the video by telling viewers where they can find you if they have further questions DO NOT THANK US FOR LETTING YOU POST.

You’ve read the Garage Gym Life Submissions Guidelines so you’re all set! But BEFORE YOU SUBMIT:

  • Read a few articles from the Home Gym Quarterly magazine to get a feel for the types of articles we typically publish.
  • Put “Submissions,” and the title of the post in the subject line and send to: Please also include a bio and links to your social media if this is your first time submitting.