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About Us

Garage Gym Life is a digital media company focused on the home gym lifestyle. Whether that home gym is in your garage, spare bedroom; a shed out back or even just in a temporary cleared out space in your living room, we tell stories to inspire you to pursue your goals and create informative content that gives you the tools to do it.

Products & Services

The Home Gym Quarterly is a general fitness magazine for people who train at home. This is the only magazine in the world that’s written by and for home gym owners and each issue comes packed with workouts, reviews, features and interviews with home gym owners around the world who are successfully following a home gym lifestyle.


Our IGTV channel is where you can go to watch serialized video content aimed at home gym owners. Each week we deliver meal prep tips, workout technique videos and interviews with home gym owners from around the world.


Also check out our latest posts from like-mind garage gym folks on Instagram.


Our YouTube channel features coverage of strength sports, fitness expos and workshops as well as mini documentaries that give you an insight into the home gym lifestyle. We also include short video tips to help you build muscle, complete DIY projects and find contractors like metal fabricators to help you in every aspect of your home gym experience

Garage Gym Life is for and about home gym owners

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Every item of clothing in our store was designed to motivate you to train. From inspirational slogans to iconic logo gym banners, our merch makes you proud to be a home gym owner.

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